The Higher Realm are the realms where the Angelical, Interdimensional and Ascended Masters reside, beyond the fifth dimensional awareness field. 


These Higher Masters are evolved beings present in the higher dimensional field that are currently working on the emancipation of humanity, the awakening of humanity. Through manifestation.


With their help you can ascend faster, by allowing them to enter your energy field and work. They bring the necessary light for you to evolve and rediscover your mission in this lifetime.


Currently your energy field works as a spectrum of light awareness. Which means true wisdom can be channeled to your spectrum of light so you can experience your higher self through the divine awareness of the Ascended Masters and The Angelical Realm, and expand consciousness. The Angelical Realm are the architects of our time.


Your field of light work within polarities from negative to positive, and when you enable the higher realm to enter your field, they will access the positive by bringing you closer to their own field connection, which is love awareness.