Earth Keepers

We are all part of the Universe. As we are all part of the Earth.

For there is a spiritual world as well as a physical one. And all physical things have a spirit and a consciousness, an “animating” spirit.

So all living beings have a conscious spirit animating them – humans, animals, birds, insects, reptiles, sea life, plants, bacteria, everything.

For most people this is easy to understand, but what may not be so easy to understand is the notion that rocks, the soil, the wind, rain, fire, etc. also have a spirit. For the animating energy within them is also a part of the universe and the earth.

Through awareness we reconnect with our Mother, the Earth as a conscious being who deserves our respect, as well as understanding the multiplicity of all her energies, rhythms and cycles.

We become more connected to the whole, of which we are all a part of.

As we are the earth keepers of this moment in time, and by our actions and deeds can make the Earth well again, and have a beneficial effect on her’s and our own energy and health through sustainability,

For this is the age of awakening. And in this age, our well being is dependent on the well being of every element, every energy, every molecule of our living planet and being.


​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.