October 21, 2018

What advances us in life is a matter of acknowledging what we retain, rather than what we perceive to give up.


For the ascension of our spiritual light constantly seeks transformation in order to advance. Retaining only that which is omnipresent and eternal, and not bound by time, frailty, or fear. 


That being which is truly obtained by the divine power of love. Leaving behind only that which does not pursue nor retain love.

Knowing love is the celestial transcendence which binds all existence.


Love is fulfillment, yet is benevolence. 
Love is sustenance, yet is bestowing. 
Love is ecstasy, yet is compassion. 


As all things that are love, is the perfection of God, whom is all things.


The intrinsic, infinite, vital light which vanquishes darkness and defies the void of emptiness and loss.


So as our collective spirits shall rejoice and the universe can flourish through oneness. Now and for all time.


Frank Amedeo, with light's consciousness









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