The Gift of Love

October 8, 2018

The greatest gift in life, and which we can give to another human being is love. 


Whether our love is related to a specific situation which through our compassion offers support and assistance, enabling others to persevere through almost any experience and condition. Or if our love is representative of an individual connection and an ongoing commitment towards another, our family or the many people in our lives.


A healthy existence and world depends solely on the positive energy of love.


For it is our knowledge of this, and overcoming our fear of our own vulnerability that enables us to recognize the needs of others in their current stage of development that evokes our divine alchemic power to create, shape, overcome, and to heal.


Offering our loving intentions to serve others needs before our own, not only benefits them individually, but benefits all human kind, all living things, the universe and ourselves through Oneness. 


As finding the strength within ourselves to “do” and resonate "high" strengthens us, and everyone for the challenges yet to come. As well as opens the pathways for the blessings of future gifts through love, that we will receive and come our way.


Ensuring that our love and caring helps others grow as individuals, inspiring them to extend their love on to others, and the world; and helping us live our lives with grace and abundance of spirit.


Frank, Through the Gift of Love : )








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