Rediscovering Truth

Only we are the ones who decide what we are looking for.

When we build resistance through our egos we experience suffering. When we finally search for freedom through our spiritual connection we rediscover independency.

As in this search we reinstate our power of love and the guidance of truth, and stop looking for ideologies that take us away from our pure channel and resonance.

So we learn how to encounter another reality, without the static needs that always limit us. And then manifest negativity in our lives. We shed out the impurities of the soul, and forthcoming inner suffering.

Love is all around us, and we have assistance through the higher realm. Through oneness to find our innate guidance. As we are not alone in this realm of existence.

Whether you search for reconnection or not, it will be your own free will to do so. For if you do, you will finally experience what it means to be true and to respect, and protect oneself. And appreciate what we are, and what the universe offers us with so much care and love.

We rediscover so much about universal love, that we realize that truth is never behind us. It's always ahead of us, in our encounters, and our experiences. Trust and you shall find.

The seeker of truth is You. And that is your remembrance.

Love Oneness.

Isa | Lumiar The New Order of the Sun

Message transmitted on Oct 10, 2018

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