The Illusion of Validation

From the moment of creation we are all connected.

Then at birth, we are first separated and our ego is born into this existence, crying out for recognition— “I exist, I want, I need."

While spiritually pure, whole and uncorrupted within, newborn human beings externally are perhaps the most physically helpless and defenseless creatures on earth.

As infants we are vulnerable and dependent solely on others, and then as we grow, are conditioned into a belief system that in order to obtain one’s physical and emotional needs, is through the validation of others.

Which then falsely substitutes the approval of others for the empowering motivation to care for, heal and improve oneself.

Yet our true self through awareness does not require the external validation of others. Nor does it seek recognition or reward for its positive actions offered through god’s love.

For we truly don’t need anything outside of us to be happy and feel fulfilled.

No one else can prove our own self-worth.

Only we can for ourselves. As our individual eternal spirit still knows that we are whole, connected by love and without prerequisite.

Abundant with compassion, self-love, and acceptance from within.

Frank, by lights consciousness.

​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.