Inequality in human beings is created by themselves, and collectively through a shared belief system. Inequality generates a very strong cosmic effect on beings for feeling inadequate, afflicted and restricted of their rights.

Elitism confronts the universe in a reciprocate manner. Understand that you will heal oneness if you stand before God with humility, affection and care. This is karma and universal regency.

God does not want to see his children suffer, neither experience guilt. All beings commit sin, as a collective aggregation and in a mutual way, and this is what we shall transform on Earth.

Understand that all, including you are here in this lifetime to evolve, and deserve love and this in return.

Healing of others is also your reciprocity, without snobbism or inferior feelings.

We will only heal oneness, and ourselves, if we have faith in the higher consciousness inside each and every one of us, and confirm it’s search for the true affinity of its trajectory of peace and harmony for all its children.

For only in this way we can understand who we are.

Not understanding that your mistakes are not your fault. But your lack of union.

Start to believe in the power and harmony of oneness, and its law of co-existence, and in this way you will return to your center and true nature, without coercion nor imposition of one another.

Believe again in the inner divinity inside all of you and you will encounter truth as one. Your peace is your inner rescue.

And in this way, we will end all wars in this world. And within ourselves.

Seek and ye shall find. The door will never be closed to you. To all who search for love and union.

~ Isa | LUMIAR New Order of the Sun Channeled on September 16th, 2018

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