The Path of Awakening

Our search is the awakening of the sun.

This awakening happens when we start reconnecting with oneness and trust in its magistrate. Seek to understand terrestrial life in egalitarian and human light, within our own love unification.

For the more we trust in our divinity within, the more we open the path to our ascension, and to a life within the higher realm of our existence; towards serenity and the joy of living. Empowering us to co-create a happier version of our world.

The path of awakening is in our unification.

Our union allows individual lower feelings—these of which are rooted in our own mortal fear, and the cause so many of the problems present in our lives, to start dissipating inside of us. This quest is the falling apart of the ego. In this way, we discover rejoice, to achieve a higher state of awareness, or nirvana, of freedom and plenitude.

We are ONE.

God is everything and everyone within us. The highest love vibration present in all things on this planet. God is the Alpha and the Omega, the path of our journey.

Our highest connection in and by our union, of which peace on the planet depends on.

With love,

Isa through Love Consciousness | Lumiar The New Order of The Sun

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