Finding Love

One’s path to love is a deeply personal and individual journey towards awakening to a greater experience of ourselves and our world. Though we each hold love within us, and may first receive love as children, we still need to find our own way of perceiving, understanding and obtaining love within our lives.

As even those who have been raised within a loving environment, may not at first know the reason for the unconditional connection and caring that others bestow upon them. But at some stage in our lives, whether in youth or adulthood, we likely begin to recognize the resonance of love on many levels.

Not only by what we receive, but by what and whom we ourselves are drawn and attached to. Love of family, friends and others. A love of nature. A love of home. A love for the arts, food, travel and material things. And most importantly, a love of god and for ourselves.

Then as we awaken to the presence of love and joy in our life, the universe speaks to all of us through infinite channels, but we each have our own frequency. For have you ever noticed that “true love” is often one’s own individual acceptance of whom or what we choose to love, without the judgements or approval of others.

The truth is not as they say, “Love is blind” as much as love truly sees!

We decide what truly makes us feel loved, awakened, connected, fully conscious, alive and gives us joy. Whom or what we truly, genuinely love is perfect and is meant especially for us. As another beautiful aspect of true love is seeing gods presence and ourselves as being a part of someone else.

~ Frank, through love's consciousness

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