The Uncertainty of Being “Accepted"

Many people carry past conditioning that still afflicts them.

The fear of not to be accepted, or not being sufficiently good enough, to be “recognized” by others.

And live anchored in this negative connotation inside of them, with which arrests them in the present time, and dictate an inferior future.

Beings who consider themselves inferior carry an illusion, which captures them in a constricted, depressed and unhappy state of awareness, and by this they reflect this definition through their fearful manifestations.

When you start understanding this, and what you are projecting, you won’t be affected with the negative judgment of others.

All judgments that do not resonate high, and do not arise from love and won’t benefit you, but instead will arrest you.

Understand the difference between those who are coming to help you by seeing you, and those whom are not seeing you and misjudging you. For the ones who misjudge you, as such judge and condemn themselves, because they impose themselves towards others without caring for love or equality.

Those who condemn others and judge with absence of Love, are here on this planet still in development, without comprehending who they themselves truly are.

They need to evolve in this meaning. We all should care and and provide them with the understanding they deserve with outmost love, compassion and patience.

Many of the references that we still have in this world today dictate beings within a negative connotation, and dictate “models” that are based on having to “be” or to “have” to become someone better. And this model creates an overall karma which instigates sadness and ignorance. Manifesting an inferior and cruel world.

This is no doubt the biggest karma on earth, and that which all of us can change towards building a happier, more prosperous planet.

Don’t worry about having to “prove” yourselves, or having to gain “validation” from others to have peace. For when you do that, you will feed an illusion that will never allow you to be free, resonate high and find inner equilibrium. Our internal peace depends on that.

This deficiency hurts the spirit, corrupt your desires, and makes you slaves of the material world.

Feed love towards yourselves and towards others. And have faith in the improvement of human kind. In this way we can build a better world around us.

Stop blaming yourselves and others; otherwise you will manifest more fear in your lives and destruction.

Remember dear ones, the destructive act comes from fear. Not from love.

Love thyself. The past has past. Ponder that negative definitions of Oneness do not need to draw our present.

Accept with love that past mistakes serve only as learning, and support of individual and collective expansion and evolution.

Create yourselves in the vein of love and Oneness. Project a better version of yourselves within the complicity and honesty within spirit. Within your luminous reference.

Don’t let yourselves be afflicted by the negative judgment of others. Think that if you bring loyalty to yourselves and towards a better and more humble version of yourselves, you will change the world to be happy, and transmute these negative and inhumane definitions of inequality and inferior judgment. Be conquerors towards a progressive and equal world.

The highest love God, lives within you all, and love you dearly without judgment. This is the world we will create.


The New Order of the Sun

​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.