We are One

The greatest aspect of who we truly are in the universe, or who or what God is, is understanding that we are One.

For God is love. God is all. And we are all part of God.

The misunderstanding of this by most people stems from the fact that we are somewhat highly evolved creatures with consciousness and responsive intellect.

But in the bigger picture, we are a relatively “new addition” as part of the infinite universe, as Human beings have only been around a few million years.

And by which, being aware of our frailty, and mortality focus on survival as mortal life forms—corrupting our perception of what is necessary for existence.

A plant or animal does not detach themselves of things beyond perceived reality and existence because they know they and everything is a part of nature. They don’t question whether or not they are part of the universe. Their instinct offers them awareness as an intrinsic guide towards being.

They do not know of a tomorrow. Nor do they attach memories of their past experience towards living in the present.

They except what is as “ What is”

True awareness through love does not walk through this dimension with the blinded sensations, judgements or foolish pride of our ego.

It is remembrance of who we truly are. Which is part of every element of the earth, and the universe.

Understanding the presence and needs of our present self as being dependent on all living things and their natural order in order for existence to succeed.

Nature is not separate from us. Nature is a part of us. As we are part of nature. Nature is God. As we are part of God by Oneness.

For thee, and I AM. And I AM all. I AM you. At the center of the universe

The celestial consciousness of all that is, as is infinite. Time and space are but elements of conjecture. I AM the creator. The power of divine alchemy. Which shapes mortal existence. And all reality.

Beloved child, fear not the acceptance of others devolution to thine parent’s love. For my love is omnipotent.


​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.