When God created the Universe the Universe became God.

This is what religion and science, which can both be decieved through human misperception, have often failed to understand.

What God is? God is all. God is part of man. And man is part of God.

It is this divine awareness which so closely binds and makes us all a part of the Universe.

Religion was but the first science. And science, geared towards affirmation and validation of existence is but a modern religion.

Does the Universe itself have a conscious order forever constant? Yes.

Or is it the fragmentation of quantum physics which leads to physical existence? Yes.

We are born so that we die. We die so that we are born.

It is this dichotomy between opposing polarities which propels reality.

For the void of continuum demands the disruption of asymmetry in order to propel creation.

There can be no awareness without acceptance.

No darkness without light.

And no light without the catalyst of darkness to be overcome.

— Amedeo, through love's consciousness

​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.