All Reality is One

All reality is one.

The ultimate force and power of all being, which “sustains the world”. Grounds all existence, and pervades all life.

Multiplicity is but a delusion. As all that is, originates from one, as a plurality composed of many things. For original unity is never lost; it simply takes on the appearance of multiple forms.

God, as the eternal cosmic animating force interpenetrates every part of nature and timelessly extends beyond it. It is this universal, divine ecosystem which perpetuates the dichotomy of all being.

As all living entities are a part of one’s self. Dependent on one’s self. As part of a whole.

Observe reverence for all that is part of you. Every living form. Every manifestation. Every immortal soul. All which enables, completes and is a part of you. With love.

We hold this incarnation but for a moment in time. But infinite souls take shelter in this reality in many forms. As part of our understanding and ascension towards completion and Oneness.

Disregard for what comprises oneself, detaches and deconstructs one from one’s self. Creating disruption and disharmony to all existence. Leading to despair. Embrace the wholeness of that which is you. Which is all that is. In this realm. As within all others.

– Amedeo, through love's consciousness

​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.