Seeing Truth

Be still and know.

For it is in stillness that we understand the true being of that which is.

This is Buddhist "samatha". Stopping. Calming. Concentrating.

It is this by which we are lead to insight. Wisdom. Understanding. That which is "vipasyana"

To see deeply. With enlightened concentration, so as the distinction between the observer and the observed disappears. Offering the true essence of all things.

For all that most see, is only what superficially we perceive it to be. Yet everything that is, is beyond the collective assembly of elements of one divine infinite universe.

We observe a child. But is the flesh not all elements of the earth? The sun, water and the sky?

We see their identity. But is their identity not the traits of their mother and father? As with all the inheritance of generations before?

Our existence and true nature is but a composition. One of many.

Look each day to observe this oneness, the wholeness of ourselves and the collective of the many that which is you.

For it is the acceptance of everything that is ourselves which casts out the question and fear of that which we perceive to be foreign and false.

- By Amedeo / Be Lumiar on September 26th, 2017

​© 2017 by Lumiar Org.