Isa is an altruistic server of the healing lights. Spiritual teacher, energy healer, writer and creative designer. After her awakening in 2015, she was called to work as a vessel and liaison between the celestial realm and here, whom teaches about the Mastery of Ascension.

Her aim today is to enable all people to connect to their true light, and rediscover why they are here, and what they all need to understand about the meaning of ascension in this passage.

Isa had trained in the past in different modalities of meditation, from the early Buddhist traditions, as well as a meditation instructor in India with focus on Vipassana, and the study of Pranayama. Isa is a graduate of the International Reiki center of New York, as a Reiki Master healer.

She considers herself a universal server, respecting all traditions and their core wisdom rooted in truth, without any judgment, or inequality.s separation is the opposite of what Oneness is.

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Amedeo is an energy healer, writer, speaker and guide of the higher order. He works as a universal practitioner devoted towards bringing awareness and raising consciousness through guidance by teaching the mystic universal principles of Ki energy healing.

Frank is a graduate and received certification from the International Reiki Center of New York as a Reiki Master as well as being recently educated as a Munay Ki Shaman. 

With deep respect and appreciation for all faiths and universal mindfulness. Frank through his own personal mystic experience and discovery of Dharma offers advocacy and inspiration for a inter-being approach towards existence and one’s purpose in today’s world.

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Carlos is an author, master coach, speaker and researcher. He has degrees in Ayuverdic Therapy, Chiropractic practice, Thai Yoga Massage Therapy, and Reiki Healing. He is the author of two books in Brazil devoted to healing medicine. He created a vibrational theory Ashteer, and has devoted for over 15 years to awaken humanity through self-awareness and healing.


Gabriel is a spiritual teacher, writer, as well as being a gifted orator and actor. As a intuitive spiritual healer, he works as a medium, guide, and counselor to help awaken humanity through connecting them to the their own creative powers and the arts. Inspired by his love of nature and consolidate truth into his own awareness through the higher resonance, Gabriel wishes to share the principles of Oneness as it relates to our own identity, consciousness and how we perceive, and what we project and are perceived in the world around us.

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