October 21, 2018

What advances us in life is a matter of acknowledging what we retain, rather than what we perceive to give up.

For the ascension of our spiritual light constantly seeks transformation in order to advance. Retaining only that which is omnipresent and eternal, and not bound by time, frailty, or fear. 

That being which is truly obtained by the divine power of love. Leaving behind only that which does not pursue nor retain love.

Knowing love...

October 8, 2018

The greatest gift in life, and which we can give to another human being is love. 

Whether our love is related to a specific situation which through our compassion offers support and assistance, enabling others to persevere through almost any experience and condition. Or if our love is representative of an individual connection and an ongoing commitment towards another, our family or the many people in our lives.

A healthy existence and w...

October 3, 2018

Fear based conditioning of the mind is what keeps us arrested, and as such suffering is the consequence. 

When your mind is not peaceful and not happy or not resonating high, it means that you still have negative attachments. Connotations that are not allowing you to reach your full potential and harmony as a human being. You lose your center and connection. For these attachments are the illusions you are finding within yourself, throug...

September 24, 2018

From the moment of creation we are all connected. 

Then at birth, we are first separated and our ego is born into this existence, crying out for recognition— “I exist, I want, I need."

While spiritually pure, whole and uncorrupted within, newborn human beings externally are perhaps the most physically helpless and defenseless creatures on earth. 

As infants we are vulnerable and dependent solely on others, and then as we grow, are conditi...

September 18, 2018

Inequality in human beings is created by themselves, and collectively through a shared belief system. Inequality generates a very strong cosmic effect on beings for feeling inadequate, afflicted and restricted of their rights.

Elitism confronts the universe in a reciprocate manner. Understand that you will heal oneness if you stand before God with humility, affection and care. This is karma and universal regency.

God does not want to see...

August 2, 2018

Many people carry past conditioning that still afflicts them.

The fear of not to be accepted, or not being sufficiently good enough, to be “recognized” by others.

And live anchored in this negative connotation inside of them, with which arrests them in the present time, and dictate an inferior future.

Beings who consider themselves inferior carry an illusion, which captures them in a constricted, depressed and unhappy state of awareness,...

July 22, 2018

Duality happens when we lose ourselves to the darkness within.

As this darkness expands, we magnify it through all the negative connotations which makes us lose our inner equilibrium, and in turn blind us to see and speak through a place of love and truth.

We are mirrors to each other and everything around us. And when we miss understanding this, we miss out understanding our existence.

Without acknowledging that we are the One Cosmic cre...

July 2, 2018

To understand who we are, is to understand our journey and why we are here.

And be able to access and see through the lens of love, in the expression and resonance of the Absolute within our spirit.

When we are disconnected, we lose our journey. Becoming captives of the material world and its regiment, within karmic causes and consequences.

Led by the individual and collective conditioning and its imposed limitations in which close our he...

September 10, 2017

Dear friends,

Blind are so many of us without the understanding of the dangers of our actions towards our planet. We lose ourselves without own self-esteem, living without love and prudence to our universe and lucidity in our vital importance in this effort.

We are light and without usufruct of our own biosphere we lose junction with The Everything.

Impartially we enjoy our natural resources without the understanding of where they come fr...

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