May 4, 2017

Learn how to be good in your deeds and daily actions; in your demands to others, they deserve respect as you deserve respect. Watch your words and be wise about them, for they have an intention and that intention is your will and it brings your reality.

Compassion is love, and without love we are lost in the world.

Compassion starts from within, where you see yourself in results to everything you restore. 

Place yourself wisely in your wo...

Freedom is in spirit. We are free of impositions through our creations if we search for love and gratitude in our daily lives. We should always focus our attention in what we vibrate, on what we create. If we create fear we will live in fear and anxiety.

To be love is to vibrate love, to respond love and as a consequence to live in a system defined by love and tranquility. We are what we emanate. This is the fundamental principle of ka...

April 24, 2017

The universe conspires in our favor. To give light is to receive. If we focus solely in the anxiety generated by the sense of lacking, we become lost in our path. If we focus in giving love we receive the necessary light to live happy.

We are and live happy through prana healing and the relationship that we build with our luminous selves. We are one movement of love and ascension.

April 20, 2017

The preciosity of our lives comes from love and awareness.

When we forget what we are we forget to enjoy life, to be grateful for everything created for us, to love all beings, and to live in the purity of respecting our beautiful and sacred planet.

There is no unhappiness knowing that our biggest resource is the sun, which nurtures us and brings all the exuberance in this world.
Let's enjoy its power, feel its warmth, dance at its altar...

April 19, 2017

Yoga. Union of the self and love.
One awareness into truth, clear mind.
Transcendence, quietness, and the pure feeling of bliss.

I breathe into your movement, right at this moment, my heart fire is my power of trust, opening through your resonance.

My eyes wide open in immersive curiosity, 
and just like a child I like to play in this expansive sense, tasting every moment of my sublime nature.

I trance into that one flow and connection wh...

April 16, 2017

Today is a celebrated day for all here on earth, being blessed through our dear and blessed master Jesus.

Christ, being Jesus, was and had decided to allow himself to rediscover his true divine flame and open the doors of the universe to the immensity of his soul, bringing in this way superior peace and freedom to all people during his time on earth. He brought us the knowledge of karma and love without judgment, of peace and sobriety i...

January 27, 2017

Obstructions are all the obstacles that allow individuals to lose faith and dismiss their own true connection. In this sense obstructions deserve an act of compassion by allowing trust, so we can encounter truth and regeneration.

In the moment we are absent of love and humility we many times think we deserve more fortunate moments, however we lose our karmic sense of luminous hearing, which deserves to be appreciated so we can...

January 9, 2017

As we rise, earth rises.

To this moment I appeal.

Into my heart, an honest fire

where all voices are heard.

To this moment I appeal

to the ones who appraisal

as we are one with love

we shall be rising.

As we shine into the earthly matter

we don't miss our understanding

in the splendor of awareness

to all misfits and misjudges.

At this moment we appeal

when we forget who we are

As we shine like the stars

we will bright our light

to the ones that don't...

December 7, 2016

Compassion starts from within, where you see yourself in results to everything you restore. 

Place yourself wisely in your words, actions and attitude, and be kind to others and the world will be kind to you.

Life is a reflection of who we are and if we have no compassion we will live in the dark nature of samsara until we learn how to realize our true nature. 

Learn how to be good in your deeds and daily actions, in your demands to othe...

November 18, 2016

Justice is when we encounter vibration of love, and truth.

For truth is beyond resistance. When we resist we embrace our honest appeal of dichotomy and we live in the samsara of delusion.

We are free when we are at the altar of oneness. One love, one kindness, one judgment.

So we free our lives from futilities that cause us to suffer when we live the eloquent live we deserve, for one truth knows what we need in order to embrace our cause...

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