January 28, 2018

Resemblance is balance.

To become one with cosmic order.

So as to understand how everything works in co-existence.

To redefine your attitude towards all beings.

And so, resemble the power of love creation.

Resemblance is your inauguration of truth, without any judgment.

And without any sense of validity from anyone.

Not even from God itself.

For God is everything not of validity.

But the emanation of all, in co-existence of truth.

Resemblance is...

January 22, 2018

By blocking the source of all divine awareness, we forget who we are.

And forget that without the support of this source, we lose ourselves within the infidelity of divine order. And as a consequence, we resonate inside our karmic conditioning. Fed by ignorance, the illusion of fear, and react with the approach of always feeding a sense of lacking, a sense of not “having” or “being”.

We forget that we all have access to the abundance of...

January 12, 2018

When God created the Universe the Universe became God.

This is what religion and science, which can both be decieved through human misperception, have often failed to understand.

What God is? God is all. God is part of man. And man is part of God.

It is this divine awareness which so closely binds and makes us all a part of the Universe.

Religion was but the first science. And science, geared towards affirmation and validation of existence...

January 1, 2018

Today is the day when we find ourselves reflecting, when we see ourselves being reborn to a new year of perspectives and encounters to promote improvement and experiences.

In this way we hope to enter this search for our ascended nature. For peace and happiness that are necessary for a new beginning in which will bring out the positive to outcome the negative of this lifetime.

And yet, a lot of what we search still gives to the illusory...

December 29, 2017

All reality is one.

The ultimate force and power of all being, which “sustains the world”. Grounds all existence, and pervades all life.

Multiplicity is but a delusion. As all that is, originates from one, as a plurality composed of many things. For original unity is never lost; it simply takes on the appearance of multiple forms.

God, as the eternal cosmic animating force interpenetrates every part of nature and timelessly extends beyond...

December 14, 2017

Be aware that destructive thoughts drain your energy and block you from awareness.

Generates lack of harmony within your system. Affects your health, attracting unhappiness, discontentment and most importantly bringing a destructive pattern to your true self. Just like a dark storm, it carries you and your world in its resonance.

Be aware of the sense of lacking still within. And the attitude you have towards this very feeling. When you...

November 16, 2017

What it means to be enlightened?

Enlightening means waking up for the fact that the duality that exists inside every human being is falling apart. When you awake you sense your true light, your inner love and light, this dichotomy represents your life on this planet. Your representation sings to another realm where you can find true wisdom and a reality that enables you to rediscover inside your self another message, which is to love yo...

November 6, 2017

Spirit is one teacher within all emanations coming from love.

As long as you are resonating within Oneness through love, you will be able to teach through spirit and learn through spirit, whatever is meant for you to achieve in this lifetime, without any requirements or preconceived beliefs. 

We work through karmic dissolution of the ego, and that means is, there is no inequality in the spirit world. No need of lineages, no need of certi...

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