Dear friends,

We are missionaries of healing lights, and we provide guidance towards self healing and reconnection of our One Love consciousness

We bring through transmission, the authorship of Christ consciousness. The mastery of alchemy in self and collective healing and Ascension of all beings, seeking for the luminous affinity through our one connection.

Our focus is to raise awareness of who we are, and ought to become.

So with sincerity, we offer here to bring the truth that enables us to transform the planet. Our quest is to contribute to the new universal order of unification through the resonance of love and search for our true evolution.

Our peace is an alternative of self-improvement and awareness. We search for this principle, to create a new universal order of oneness, and the search for ascension.

Our goal is a world of freedom: peace, compassion, love, happiness, forgiveness, humility and affiliation with the celestial realm, our love consciousness, which are available for all beings, and through us are the one true power of enlightenment.

Our sacred nature should be honored and fulfilled for a better world.

And believe that whatever you do, you are one with God, and he, who loves all, will enable you to understanding the meaning of life.

With Love,